• Are you having a hard in getting the rest you want? Was there a time that you actually feel that you are really tired but was not able to sleep? Insomnia is a common sleep disorder to various people especially to women and adults.  It doesn’t only mean that being able to sleep but also it is related on having troubles in getting back to sleep from being awaken and waking up a couple of times during the night. In this matter, the deep sleep of a person is affective which cause the change of productivity and health of oneself.


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    Insomnia is caused by various factors. It could be caused by the mental health like stress, anxiety or depression. Being anxious on having a big presentation tomorrow may be the cause not being able to sleep. But this kind is only temporary which is known as acute insomnia. The ones that are almost in daily factor is called chronic insomnia. Another common factor may be because of the environment. The place where you live may not be a healthy or the change of work shift. Nowadays, there a job that requires you to be awake at night and sleep will be done during the day.  

    Here are simple ways to fight Insomnia:

    • 1.   Create a good sleeping environment

    Having a nice room relaxes the brain. There’s no nothing a good pillow and fresh mattress won’t do also keeping it dark and cool will help. Following the natural sleep-wake cycle could also aid for it allows the body attain longer deep sleep. Deep sleep helps improve the health and mental aspects.

    • 2.   Use Melatonin Supplements

    There various supplements that could aid insomnia, one of these are the melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone inside the body that helps the brain in relaxing and the one’s responsible in telling the brain it’s time for bed. There are also substitutes for this, PatchMD makes awesome sleep patches that does not need to be consumed. This works on the surface and still give the nutrients that the body needs. 

    • 3.   Avoid eating late at night and exercising

    Exercising is good for the body but the time when to do it may affect the brain. Exercising during late nights may keep the brain active and alert thus reducing the possibility of being asleep. The best time to do it is every morning at least 30 mins and more.

    It may be hard at first but doing it regularly will eventually make it earsier to coop-up.  When things gets worse, don’t be hesitate to contact for help. There are still various ways in fighting against insomnia. Trying the these simple ways may help and assist the little steps that you need. 

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